Notes from Nomad Couch
Hi, I'm Juha Liikala, aka Nomad Couch on Instagram and Threads. I've been building websites and software for a living since 2005.

These notes are mostly about blogging, social media & building web stuff.

Thank you for stopping by, and happy reading!
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Is Threads devaluing link posts?

This has been my experience so far. Can't really back this up by anything else than looking at the view counts of those Threads posts that contained a link to a website vs. other types. It really does seem that those get way less views than any other types. Website analytics also show very little traffic coming from Threads atm. Having said that, my sample size is miniscule, so maybe others have seen other results? In my case, there's also another factor to be taken into account. I'm posting in two languages: Finnish (my native language) and English. Comparing those...

One main blog or multiple niche blogs?

Here's a dilemma I keep struggling with: Would it be a better idea to run one main blog, or, would it make more sense to run several, more niche ones? From the maintenance perspective alone, running one would obviously make most sense. But as there are a pile of different topics I'd like to share notes about, I'm not sure if I can fit them in one single basket. To make things even more complex, I'm Finnish and would like to write some of that stuff in my native language. So, multiple niche blogs, some of them in Finnish? Oh...

Oh why do I keep doing this to myself

Looks like I started a new blog again. Not my first rodeo (certainly not the last one either). This one's running on The one before this is still available at if you're interested. Using this subdomain is something new though. I had a blog under over a decade ago, but other than that, this domain has been gathering dust since then. To my amusement, looks like I'm not the only one with this "that's a lot of blogs" type of problem. 😄 What's this new blog about then? Well.. let's go into that in the next post....