Notes from Nomad Couch
July 7th, 2024

Is Threads devaluing link posts?


This has been my experience so far. Can't really back this up by anything else than looking at the view counts of those Threads posts that contained a link to a website vs. other types. It really does seem that those get way less views than any other types. Website analytics also show very little traffic coming from Threads atm.

Having said that, my sample size is miniscule, so maybe others have seen other results?

In my case, there's also another factor to be taken into account. I'm posting in two languages: Finnish (my native language) and English. Comparing those posts, it seems that Finnish posts get way more views than the ones I make in English.

Oh well. Maybe I shouldn't care and just keep posting in all the ways I want 😄

But it's a bit shame if link posts are devalued on purpose. As a blogger (in the good 'ol days of Twitter), those link posts drove a big chunk of blog traffic. Often even more so than Google. But I guess times change and all that.

How does your link posts fare and which places are your favourites in terms of sharing them? As usual, would love to hear your thoughts and experiences in comments or via email. Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Cheers! 👋