Notes from Nomad Couch
July 2nd, 2024

One main blog or multiple niche blogs?


Here's a dilemma I keep struggling with: Would it be a better idea to run one main blog, or, would it make more sense to run several, more niche ones?

From the maintenance perspective alone, running one would obviously make most sense. But as there are a pile of different topics I'd like to share notes about, I'm not sure if I can fit them in one single basket. To make things even more complex, I'm Finnish and would like to write some of that stuff in my native language. So, multiple niche blogs, some of them in Finnish? Oh my. 😅

Running a microblog of sorts feels most ideal for the "all in one basket" idea. That's why I keep going back and forth with my every now and then. This blog runs on Scribbles and it feels like it could work very nicely with the multiple niche blogs idea. Maintaining multiple blogs would at least happen all in one place, so there's that.

I guess I'm just thinking this out loud. I know many fellow bloggers run several blogs too. Often times, some of those are left ghost towns (active for some time, then left abandoned). I guess it's natural, that keeps happening to me too. Maybe I could build "my past blogs burial ground site" or something.. 😄

If you're reading this and run several blogs of your own, how has that worked for you? Feel free to share your response via comments here, on Threads or replying via email.

Thanks for reading! 😊